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{Week 14: Writing}

Week 14: Writing

I am unsure if Salt blog etiquette allows me to make dedications, but if it’s not too gauche, I would like to dedicate this post to my fellow classmates, particular the writing class. We are small (four in total, including myself) but we are mighty.
When first coming to Salt, I did not factor in how vital my classmates would be to my learning experience. They have become my friends, collaborators, and even teachers. Given the unique context, I am surrounded by people who inspire me. We are all innately motivated, hard-working, and creative thinkers—making it easy to forge friendships and collaborations. In writing class, I am thankful for my writing buddies for their editorial prowess and insight. I rely on their feedback during workshop and along the margins of my paper to improve my writing. We have held our own classes to supplement our learning: classes on storytelling, tracking, and photography. We have multiple ongoing email and Facebook threads to share articles we’ve found, or Final Cut Pro tips. I cannot imagine the experience without them, and I know that our connection will last beyond when we graduate.
As the semester comes to a close, I have been relying on my fellow classmates more than ever for their advice, storytelling expertise, and emotional support. Salt is a series of highs and lows—late nights and early mornings, tight deadlines, and sad peanut butter sandwiches. At any hour of the day, if you walk through the Salt hall you’ll see two or three Salt students huddled around a computer giving each other critiques, or in the break room splitting a bag of trail mix. The fact that we’re all going through this together makes the journey so much easier. Even though we are spreading far and wide, I know, hands down, that the best and most useful thing that I have gotten from the program is the network of Saltines.