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{Week 14: Multimedia}

Week 14: Multimedia

This week looked like a lot of finals weeks I experienced in college – not a lot of sleep, weird foods, later nights than I like. But, instead of working solo in a study carrel in the deep bowels of a library basement, it was a constant collaboration. Those last couple of days, every other sentence was, “Hey, will you give this a listen?” And we all did. Even though we were all up against the clock. Even though we all had multiple stories we were trying to finish. We all had time to be an editor. That’s what makes this group of people so special – there is give here. There is room.

Speaking of room, none of really believe in stopping either. I know many of us are planning on expanding or reworking or continuing to push our multimedia pieces further after graduation. Can we just take a second to realize how unique that is? I’ve never been around so many people that were motivated so genuinely around something, so true in passion. Such hard workers.

And I think we all had a moment of stunned gratitude after turning in our final edits, realizing just how much time and energy everyone around us had put into our work as well – our subjects (those heroes!), our teachers and the staff here at Salt.

Thanks for the space.


- Al, radio