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{Week 12: Multimedia}

Week 12: Multimedia

This is Week 12. Or more like, THIS IS WEEK 12!?!?!?
Just typing that fills me with terror and worry and dread. It also makes me wistful and sad. Because I can already feel that I’m going to miss Salt, big time. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
I just finished a very rough edit of the audio for my final Multimedia project. The key word is “rough,” in every sense. For one thing, it sounds like the aural equivalent of Frankenstein, all its nuts and bolts and stitches glaringly on display. Mostly it’s just rough for me to listen to. I know there’s a story there somewhere. Only it’s not quite there yet, and in the darkest recesses of my mind, I can’t help wondering if it’s even there at all.
This is the really hard part, taking a good look at everything you’ve gathered in the last two months and trying to piece it all together into something that’s coherent, compelling, a story that will suck people in and hopefully move them and maybe even make you feel proud. Some of the pieces have fit, but the majority make me want to dash back out into the field and get more interviews and more photos and more of everything else I can have at hand in case I might possibly need it.
Will someone please tell me why I chose NOT to shoot any video for my final project? Sticking to photos and audio seemed like a smart choice at the time, since (a) I couldn’t find a sound artistic reason for juxtaposing video with still photography and (b) I’ll shoot for complete honesty and state that limiting myself to photos and audio just seemed EASIER.
But now I realize IT’S NOT! Perhaps I’m being naïve in thinking that video has a tendency to hold people’s attention more immediately, but right now, the concept of establishing a gripping narrative and leading the average viewer through 5 to 8 minutes with just pictures and audio seems like an nearly impossible task. Didn’t I come to Salt thinking it’d be fun to create really cool slideshows? Was I ever that young and dim-witted?
Oh well, it’s almost 1am and I’ve got to get up early so I can go take pictures of empty jail cells at the Cumberland County Jail. Then I’ll go to Multimedia class where my rough audio will be critiqued. Parts it will sound better than I thought, other parts will obviously need work, and my classmates will tell me things that will make me feel encouraged and inspired. Then I’ll work on it some more. And I will start worrying again, until the next critique. And so on, and so on, and so on…