institute for documentary studies

{Tuition & Financial Aid}

Tuition » $9,890
NOTE: With the full tuition payment, an technology fee of $40 is included. This fee will be reflected separately on your tuition invoice.

HOUSING DEPOSIT* DUE ($300 security deposit and 25% of semester housing fees)

IMPORTANT! If you are paying via loan, you must submit official
documentation of your loan amount and disbursement date(s) to PRIOR to the due date, in order to avoid late fees.


In order to reserve your position in the program, A $1,000.00 tuition deposit must be paid within two weeks of acceptance. This deposit is applied directly towards tuition. You will be invoiced for the remaining balance.



If you are interested in applying for need-based scholarship, please complete the financial aid application contained in the online Salt application. All financial aid awarded is based solely on financial need and comes from Salt.  Because we are not a degree-granting program, Salt students may not apply for federal aid or loans.



Because Salt is not a degree-seeking institution, we cannot process federal loans (such as FAFSA or Stafford Loans). However, you are able to apply for private loans to finance your education. And, in fact, secured private loans with qualified borrowers (and/or qualified co-signers) are now among the lowest available lending rates. We encourage you to check with your bank or local credit union. Although researching and securing a loan is solely the responsibility of the student, we are here to help as much as we can along the way.
IF PAYING TUITION VIA LOAN » You must submit official documentation of your loan amount and disbursment date(s) to PRIOR to the due date, in order to avoid any late fees**.



Due to changing regulations and a change in our affiliation agreements, Salt is currently unable to accept Americorps awards and/or GI Bill funds to finance Salt education. These restrictions are due to federally mandated guidelines.



- In order to officially defer to the following semester:
1) the $1000 tuition deposit must be paid in full
2) written notice must be received within 14 days of the deposit due date.
- No deferments will be accepted beyond 14 days after the deposit due date.
- Deferment is possible for the following semester only.
3) tuition for deferring students must be paid in full by the deadline for regular admission deposits.

- If tuition payment is late and received within 14 days of the due date, a 3% charge will be assessed.
- If tuition payment is late and received beyond 14 days of the due date, a 10% charge will be assessed.

If an applicant never attends class (no-show) or cancels prior to the semester’s start date, all refunds due will be made within forty-five (45) calendar days of the first scheduled day of class or the date of cancellation, whichever is earlier.


1) Rejection of applicant: If an applicant is rejected for enrollment by Salt, a full refund of all tuition monies paid will be made to the applicant.

2) Program cancellation: If Salt cancels a program subsequent to a student’s enrollment, Salt will refund all monies paid by the student.

3) Cancellation prior to the start of class: If an applicant accepted for enrollment by Salt cancels within 72 business hours of acceptance, all tuition monies paid will be refunded. If the student cancels thirty (30) days prior to the start of scheduled classes but following the 72 hour buyers right to cancel period, Salt will refund all tuition monies paid, less a maximum application and administrative withdrawal fee of $200 (the $60 application fee and $140 administrative withdrawal fee). If the student signed a housing contract with Salt, Salt may retain a maximum of $500 of non-refundable charges.

4) Cancellation after the start of class: No refund will be made following the start of the program.

Students should allow for travel and other costs associated with field research. Students may also need to purchase books for their program.