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{the work: Thalassa Raasch}

lightning in my eyes

Once I saw Randy point at the sun, guiding his wife Sarah toward its place in the sky. I wondered how close it seemed; depth must be a physical, not a visual, experience. He says it’s like walking through a thick fog; there are plenty of shapes and colors, but nothing is ever clearly defined. Sarah sees the scarring on her retinas. Like dark shadows they linger in her peripheral vision, making her wonder whether someone is standing next her. She’ll move her head, trying to catch the shape for what it is, or might be. This happens when her optic nerve fires, trying to make a picture of whatever she is facing. Imagine pure visual sensation unencumbered by direct meaning. The world becomes a pattern of brightnesses and sudden flashes to mark moments, lightning in her eyes.


About Thalassa:

Thalassa Raasch is a wandering Minnesotan. As a teenager she made her way east, living in most New England states culminating with her 2010 graduation from Harvard College. After that, Thalassa worked as a teacher for high school semester programs including The Mountain School in Vershire, Vermont (where she taught English and Chopping Down Trees) and the Vermont Intercutural Semesters in Ladakh, India (where she taught Radio Documentary and Ladakhi.) Back from her travels, Thalassa attended Salt in the fall of 2012 to pursue her dream of making a career as a visual, interdisciplinary storyteller.


She currently resides in Portland, ME and is available for work. All professional and friendly inquiries are welcome! Contact her at

Thalassa Raasch