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{the work: Shuva Rahim}

About Shuva Rahim

Shuva Rahim is a lifestyle photographer based in Iowa City, Iowa who works with people who want images of themselves reflecting who they are.

She attended Salt in Fall 2006 and got her primary documentary project about an organic farmer published in a small national magazine. After Salt, she returned to her home state of Iowa, where she began freelancing for a small Hispanic newspaper, Hola America, and also second-shooting as a wedding photographer. In 2008, Shuva started her own photography business, Accent Photographics. Since then, she has gotten published in state and national magazines, and focuses much of her work on photographing business portraits, longterm couples, mother-adult daughter relationships, and girls 8-14 with an interest in art or writing. In addition to her photography, Shuva teaches adult continung-education classes part-time at a local community college.

Shuva Rahim
fall 2006