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The Punk Patriot Goes to Augusta

Asher Platts if the very first Occupy Wall Street member to seek elected office, but many people involved in the movement disagree with his desire to live within the established system. I followed his campaign in Maine as he runs for State Senate as a Green Party Independent and watched as he worked to obtain clean elections funding. His online persona, "The Punk Patriot," is a way that he connects to a younger, alternative generation of voters.

When All Else Fails

This is my first radio piece for the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. I documented preppers in Maine over the course of three months. Listen to the first 10 seconds for a more detailed host intro. Reported and produced by Robert H. Smith. This piece was broadcast by KUT in Austin, Texas.

About Robert

Robert Smith first started working in radio hosting a weekly German program at UT-Austin. He has continued his work at NPR in Washington, D.C, and the Maine Public Broadcasting Network. He plans to turn his passion for quality radio stories into a full-time career in public radio.

Robert Hughes Smith
spring 2012