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{the work: Masumi Hayashi-Smith}

Gift of Music

The volunteer choral group, Evensong, specializes in singing the last music their audience will ever hear. This is because they sing to people on their deathbed as a part of the hospice volunteers of Hancock Country. Only two years old, Evensong has brought hymns and folk songs to the homes and hospital rooms of almost 200 hospice patients, sometimes only hours before their death. This non-narrated piece follows the story of the group as it prepares to sing for a cancer patient on Mount Desert Island.

Happy with Nothing

Raymond Reitze, at sixty-five, lives without wired electricity or running water, choosing to live as simply and as close to nature as he can. As a child growing up on his family's farm, Ray spent most of his time learning from a Native American Mic Mac elder who lived on his family's property. From what he learned as a child, Ray has gained international attention for his wilderness skills and way of living on the land. While many people come to him for classes and guidance, Ray's greatest aspiration is peace and quiet.

Masumi Hayashi-Smith
Spring 2012