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{the work: Luke Streckfuss}

I’ve been coming here for a long time

Smaha’s Legion Square Market has existed in Knightville, South Portland since 1939. The bridge between Portland and South Portland used to connect in Knightville, but doesn’t anymore. Since then, the neighborhood does not get many who pass through it. It is a place that people go to if they are headed there. Many of the businesses have existed there for more than fifty years. Smaha’s Legion Square Market shows a description of the neighborhood, portraying each person who comes through its doors to buy groceries, with a feeling of age and strength established in its walls.
Keywords -  Neighborhood, Market, Portrait, Old, Grocery

About Luke

Luke Streckfuss has earned a BA in photography at SOU. He grew up in Salem, OR. He has a cat named Jerry and a fish named Arnie. Jerry is getting old and Arnie just keeps getting bigger.

Luke Streckfuss
Spring 2012