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Guts, Feathers, and All

About Meghan Vigeant 

Meghan Vigeant is a personal historian and started Legacy Preserves to help individuals and organizations write and publish their stories.

“In 2009 I moved to Swan’s Island off the coast of Maine to help an island historical society recover their lost history from a devastating fire fire. For two years I conducted oral history interviews and worked with a team of volunteers to build a digital photo collection, produced a series audio and multimedia documentaries, and wrote a book of profiles. As I neared the end of my two years on the island many of my interviewees suffered strokes, checked into nursing homes, and passed on. I saw how powerful this work was for their families and out of that grew Legacy Preserves.”
Legacy Preserves helps people tell their story through coaching, interviewing and ghost-writing. We offer book publication, as well as audio and multimedia production for personal stories, memoirs, family histories, organizational histories, and more. Before personal history work Meghan worked in theater, radio, museum research, and even cheese-making.



Meghan Vigeant – Guts, Feathers, and all

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