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In Sync With the Tides

This project explores the life of a family that has started the first sustainable oyster farming operation in Maine.  The family of four lives on Peak’s Island, a small community of about 800 year-round residents, which is situated three miles off the coast of Portland, and is only accessible by ferry.

Mark Green is trained as a marine scientist, has his Ph.D. in Oceanography, and teaches part time at St. Joseph’s College, but his dream is to work on the waterfront in a way that is sustainable and less harmful to the marine ecosystem than traditional operations in this area.  He uses his scientific understanding of the ocean and all its intricacies to inform his business practice, and is learning the art of oyster farming one step at a time.  He started the business from scratch six years ago, and has been fumbling his way through ever since.


About Dana

Dana Crawford grew up in Cumberland, Maine, and spent six years traveling throughout the United States and the world before returning to Maine and attending Salt in the Spring of 2012.  Her interest in photography started with a darkroom course she took at Maine College of Art while in High School, and has been a continuous thread throughout her various pursuits and interests ever since.



Dana Crawford
Spring 2012

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