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{Mobile You 2.0}

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The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies is excited to announce Mobile You 2.0.

This juried exhibition will feature photographs shot exclusively with mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Who will shoot this unique collection of images? You.

We’re now accepting submissions for consideration in the Mobile You 2.0 exhibit, which will go on display in the Salt Gallery on October 2 – October 31. Exhibited photos will be available for purchase by the public for $30 and that amount will be split evenly between the photographer and Salt.

You can submit up to five photos to the Mobile You 2.0 for the $15 submission fee, so go ahead, show us what you’ve got. Or just send us your one or two favorites.

DEADLINE: September 10th, midnight

Submissions must be emailed as the ACTUAL SIZE of your mobile photograph and in jpeg format

Images from anywhere in the country (or from around the world) are welcome!

If you have any questions, please email

First and last, please

The location can be as simple as "Portland, Maine" or as specific as "The northeast corner of my yard on Preble Street in South Portland at sunset on July 17, 2014."

If you have another photo, upload it.

You will be sent to Paypal after your submission to complete your payment.